Making synopsis cards long and thin

Is there a way of altering the size of the synopsis index cards?

Say, you have six cards on your corkboard. You can alter how many you see, and so on, but supposing you want Card A to be long and thin (because it has many scenes on it), and Card B to be ordinarily short and fat?

Is there a way of resizing individual cards to the size you want, or do all the cards stay the same and resize/move at the same time, so you always have six cards that look exactly the same?

All of the cards stay the same size. We tried it for a while, a few years ago in a non-public beta with the Mac, and while it sounds good on paper, there are just too many problems with adaptive card sizing, especially when you get to extremes. If the cards are going to remain in sequence, and adaptive sizing is in effect, it inevitably means huge gaps and even cases where there is nothing on the screen except the extraordinary length of some run-away long card. It in effect, reduces application transparency. If the interface starts acting strange in extreme situations, then you start writing differently to accommodate and keep the interface sane.

Oh, well. Thanks for replying so quickly, anyway.