Manage Layouts: change order?

Is it possible to impose one’s own non-alphabetical order on the list of layouts pulled up from Window/Layouts? I now have quite a few layouts, but there are a couple I use most often, and it would be very handy to have them at the top of the list, and then re-order the others roughly in order of usefulness.

When I look at Manage Layouts from that dropdown, there’s no obvious way to do this.

I have managed for now to use the Mac hierarchical method of adding a space or spaces to the front of an entry to force it nearer the top of the list. But this gets rather unwieldy. And it seems rather archaic given Scrivener’s general (and admirable) ability to let me order lists exactly how I want to order them … in the Binder, for example. I felt a great sense of freedom when I realised this was one of the excellent “yes, we’ve thought about it” aspects of Scrivener.

Or maybe I’m missing something?

Good old naming conventions are going to be the best approach for the foreseeable future. In addition to using space or symbols as a prefix, as you mentioned, there is also the use of common prefixes to group similar items together. Using different types of punctuation marks for different types of layouts keeps them accessible and grouped topically, or even keywords, like “Proofing - name of layout”, so all the proofing stuff is neatly together.

OK: as I suspected, AmberV. And thanks for the further coding suggestions.