Managed to crash the app

Just playing around with the new app, delighted so far but I do keep managing to crash it, by clicking the icon which is 3 horizontal lines at the bottom of a scene/document, the one next to the bookmark icon. For a second the screen says ‘Loading Draft Preview’ but then the whole thing crashes.
Any changes I made pre-crash are still there, which is wonderful, but I still don’t even know what that icon is supposed to do :laughing:
It happens in every scene.
I’m using an ipad mini, ios 9.3.3

Please state devices and O/S you are using

Updated my original post with device & o/s

That icon is to load every file in the draft folder, as a sort of “Scrivenings” feature akin to the desktop versions. Yes it is a preview of the draft folder, but it also acts or doubles as a navigation of sorts. Clicking on a text bit (between the dotted lines) will take you to that page/text file/folder. It’s great for quickly reading through everything and check for typos and errors etc.

I only asked which device and O/S because it’ll be quicker for developing or something there to figure things out. Might also want to include if the app crashes completely, or only hides (example: double click home button shows app still open, and clicking on it brings it back to working order)

However, a common tip is to reboot the device, and or the app and try again.

Oh and which iPad mini? 1, 2 etc? And how much storage it came with, 16, 32, 64, 128Gb

Thank you. Sounds like a great feature, and overall I already adore the app & am happily using it to work from. I will leave that icon alone for now, though…
The app crashes completely, not appearing when I switch between apps. When it reopen the app it is back on the screen to select a project.
It’s a 32Gb Ipad Mini 2.

First thing to try is deleting the app and reinstalling. Before you do that, make sure that you have a backup of all the projects on iOS. Unlike on the desktop programs, data in iOS apps is all stored within the app, so deleting the app does delete files. Any projects you have syncing with Dropbox won’t be removed by deleting the app, but if you have any stored locally (in the “on my iPad/iPhone” section on the projects screen), you will need to either move these to Dropbox and sync them or use the share option from the projects screen to send yourself a zipped copy. To do that, tap “Edit” at the top of the projects list, then either drag the projects from the local section into the Dropbox or select each project and use the “Share” button in the footer to send a copy.

Then, before you delete the app, tap the Sync button in the project screen to make sure that all the updates from your device have synced with Dropbox.

Once you’ve ensured your project data is all stored safely apart from the app, delete and reinstall the app.

Often that will clean up a crash issue, but if the problem persists, could you please send a zipped copy of the project in question to AT literatureandlatte DOT com? (You can use the Send A Copy option to send it directly from Scrivener on iOS.) Barring a bad installation, the most likely problem is some particular content within the project’s Draft that is throwing an error, so being able to test that directly will help us find and resolve the issue most quickly. Thank you!

Thanks MM - I think it is the project, as I’ve just played around with a different bit of work & had no problems. Deleting & reinstalling the app made no difference. I’ll zip the offending project & send it over. Cheers!