Manual Typos

I decided to reread the manual, and here are some typos and other errors:

launching pad for all for all of your future and existing

A reddish appears when the editor has been locked

or the View Collections Show Collections menu item. [there is no such menu option]

It can be selectively hidden when not needed with the Format Hide Format Bar menu command. [no such option]

from receiving binder clicks. [know what you mean, but this makes no sense]

Unlike most applications of this type, you can choose bar, select View Layout Hide Binder, [no such option]

software referred to as an “outliner”, some [comma should be inside quotes Rule 3a. Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks.]

referred to as “siblings”. Another [period in wrong place]

Not in English.

Ah, you mean not in British English. OK, got it.

Last I checked, Germany was full of Germans speaking German who control the language… France has Frenchmen speaking French controlling that language. Why do we assume that England, full of Englishmen speaking english do not control the English language?

Let’s all realize that Americans to not speak English. We speak American English.

Absolutely! I think a lot of this could be cleared up if we referred to American vs English. Jaysen speaks American; I speak English. I had an American colleague in China who was an amusing companion when we first met, but after 10 years of listening to him telling my students that I couldn’t speak English, I got tired of it and began to avoid him.

Where I disagree is over “control” … one of the great things about English and American is we don’t have an Academy or equivalent laying down what is English and what isn’t. Here, the nearest thing we have is our left-wing political correctness people who think that by banning the use of certain expressions, they can change the way people think to the way they want them to think! McCarthyist to the core … which is probably the deepest insult one can give them!


Mr X.

What do I speak? :confused:

:open_mouth: Do you really want to tread that path? :frowning:. Seriously… Do you?

Complete and utter NOMsense.


Actually, Nom, you speak Aussie, equally as valid as English or American. The thing is, I’ve never yet met an Aussie who tells me or my students I can’t speak English; they just tell me I’m a bloody pom and we get on with things amicably.

Mr X

Once started, there’s no retreat.

You’ve just given me my new sig for the forums. 8)
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Nothing quite like the affectionate hostility between the Aussies and the Poms, it’s like an old pair of comfortable slippers.

Just seeing it in your sig is more than enough. Glad you like it.

Yeah! 's agood-n- :laughing: :laughing:
Well done :wink: