Manuscript and Chapters

Loaded beta version Opened my current project binder- Novel format-. listing the Manuscript, and under that my chapter headings. I placed my mouse over the word “Manuscript” and accidentally hit the scroll button instead of the left mouse button. Clicked on Manuscript .to look through my story but nothing came up. in the edit work space. I can bring up individual chapters but not the entire manuscript.
I know this is a beta version. Also that I’m somewhere between a beginner and novice with Scrivener. Any advice, words of wisdom or other non verbal comments will be appreciated.

New odd behavior. It doesn’t do that for me. However, I managed to reproduce your screen. You do not have a mode selected (which is odd; it should default to one of them).

Pick a mode. Ctrl+1 (Scrivenings, which I think is the one you want), Ctrl+2 (Corkboard), or Ctrl+3 (Outliner). Or Main Menu -> View (and select your mode), or click in the Main toolbar on one of the three mode icons.

That should solve the issue. Now, why it’s using no mode as the default, that’s another issue. But once you select a mode for the folder, it should keep it until you change the mode again.

Thank you rw, Ctrl+1 did the trick. I need to spend some time reading how to use this program:)