Manuscript word count


I used to see the total word count for my project in the search bar at the top until last week when I compiled only a few sections to word. Now all I see is target and in relation to the total word but only for the section I am currently working on and not the total manuscript. So, my target is 80k word, the section I’m on now is 900 and the bar shows that I have 0 words written when in reality I have 77k in the whole manuscript. I’ve searched the forum and other sites but to no avail. Frankly something like showing the total word count could be a bit more straight forward,

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 09.25.17.png

Hey Massimo,

The word count only counts those words, written in documents, that are actually included in the compile group. So once you select all documents in your draft folder to be included in the compile list, the word count should have those figures included again. Once you ticked all necessary checkboxes in the compile screen, you can hold down the option key on your keyboard to get the option to save the new compile group instead of actually compile it.

That way you can prevent any documents that would not be included in your final compiled document to count to the actual wordcount.

Hope that helped.

Thanks that did help!