Margin changed in document

I’m working away on a new book, finally getting some traction, and then a section of a document suddenly has a different margin or line length. Instead of running the full length of the page, it’s like two-inches long. I’m having trouble figuring out what I did so that I can undo it.


Expose the ruler, and check to make sure that you did not accidentally set the margin. This happens to me sometimes when I copy/paste into scriv from other programs (the other programs had a funky margin so scriv is not “at fault”).

That was a great idea - but it didn’t work.

If it helps I think I had my cursor at the bottom of the document when it happened.


Was it a document that was imported from Word?

Could you have entered scriptwriting mode (if so there will be no word count at the bottom) and reformatted it to script by mistake?

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I tried changing the “Style” to default and that worked. I’m not sure what went wrong, but at least now I can move on.

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