Margin formatting in Compile for Front Matter

OK, I’m beginning to wonder, like Black Sabbath, Am I going Insane? I’ve been fighting with Compile settings for (quite literally) a few weeks now, and I just can’t seem to get the Front Matter to Compile correctly on one of my manuscripts. I have 3 published books on Amazon, and I’ve used the exact same settings for all 3 books for all 3 formats (Kindle, Paperback, and their recently-added Hardcover). The first 2 books Compiled just fine for Hardcover (using the same format for both). The 3rd one, however, just…will…not…do…right. The main body text looks great, after much hair-pulling and cussing; but I can’t get the Front Matter to look right when Compiled. No matter what margin settings I mess with in whichever dialog box I can find, the Title Page is “staggered” left (supposed to be centered), the Copyright page is “staggered” right (supposed to be aligned left), the Dedication is left (should be centered), and the Acknowledgements is right again (also should be centered). I have quite literally changed every margin setting I could find. The main File->Page Setup reverts back to 8.5x11 after I close it (no matter what I’ve chosen). I’ve never messed with that setting, anyway, so I don’t know how that would’ve helped. It all started when I moved my Maps to Front Matter (it just made more sense for them to be there, since that’s what they are), but I don’t understand how that would have created the problem, as the Front Matter pages all have the same settings. I’d love to talk directly to someone through email, as it’d be easier to send file excerpts and screenshots, rather than here through the Forum. What do you think? Any ideas?

Agree screen shots would help . But consider this . 1. Duplicate current compile format using and rename ? New version or another name. Assign front matter, back matter and images to As Is section style and see how comes out. If still messed up look at formatting panel blow when click section type. ( make sure those pages have as is section type set for them) and see if works if still problem could try to help. Antoni Dol wrote a book with big section on compiling. Very detailed is on Amazon.

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You should be able to post screenshots here.

Alternatively, you can get one-on-one email support by opening a support ticket, here: