Margins accidentally imported from email

In a particular document I’m keeping records of emails sent back and forth to a bunch of firms in relation to a house problem. But one of my correspondents has very narrow margins for his signature, which have imposed themselves on the document, and I can’t get rid of them, so

every sen
tence loo
ks like thi

How can I set standard (and normal) margins for the whole document? Rescue gratefully accepted.

Edit: I’ve already tried copying in the material to a blank, using cmd-opt-shift-v, which works until I need to add in one of the illustrations they sent me.

If paste and match style is being messed up by the images, you should be able to select all the text afterwards (CMD A) and then just slide the margin markers in the ruler to the width you want…


Or Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting to Default Text Style should also reset the margins for you.

Might be worth duplicating the file before you try this…you will then have a backup file to revert to if things don’t work as planned. :open_mouth:

Thanks. Strangely, there don’t seem to be margins - I’ll paste in an image of what’s happening. (Is there any way to scale down this image?)

Oh, wait, for some reason I cracked this myself; was floating my mouse over the shrunken text and it suddenly acquired a double-arrow, and when I clicked down and dragged this it brought the text out to the edge. Sorry to bother you.

Glad you got a resolution. :smiley:

Sounds like the text copied in a table. Choosing Format > Options > Show Invisibles should show you the outline of the table cells. Right-clicking in the text and selecting “Remove Table” will get rid of it, but if it’s a multi-cell table I’d take a snapshot or duplicate it first, just in case the text appearance is jumbled after removing the table.

Thanks - sorted now! Good tip on right-clicking and selecting “remove table”.