Mark as Quote?

OK, well I read the FAQ and either this isn’t covered (which seems unlikely) or I missed it / didn’t understand it.

I have a block quote that I would like to have set off differently in the final draft. Normally in Word/Pages I would select the text and use cmd+] and have it indented.

I don’t see way to mark this up in Scrivener.

Did I miss it, or Is this something to do with that “MMD” I saw mentioned?

You can set the margins in the Ruler (Cmd+R) and add a new style to your “Favourites” like this:


You would also need to preserve the formatting of that document in Compile Draft so that the indents aren’t overridden by the Compile style (in the next update you can choose not to override indents in situations such as this).
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I’ve created a Block Quote style in the Text Editor. But if I “Preserve Formatting,” the default font from the editor comes in when I compile a draft – i.e. the output draft document has the editor’s Optima font, rather than the standard Courier. If I don’t Preserve formatting, I cannot seem to set a block quote style when I compile a draft.

There appears to be a way to translate text editor styles to draft styles, but I can’t get it to work for my new ‘Block Quote’ style.




Yes, this is an issue - preserve formatting preserves everything but if you don’t do that, then the paragraph formatting gets lost. 2.0 will address this.

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Has anyone checked to see how xiamenese feels about being renamed to quote? Personally I would have a problem with it.

You guys missed me didn’t you?