Markdown export - where can I change the encoding type?


today I was happy to find out, that I can export my Scrivener files to the markdown format.
When I exported the first file I was asked, which encoding type I want to use.
Unfortunately, I clicked “no longer show” a little too quickly, because now I no longer get this selection displayed.

But the export unfortunately replaces the german umlauts ä, ö and ü (I’m from Germany) with strange special characters.
Where can I change the encoding type for the Markdown export?

I would be very grateful for any tips!


Is this the Windows version of Scrivener? :thinking: You could try to bring back the dismissed dialog via File → Options… → General → Warnings → Reset All Warnings.

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately nothing has changed.

And yes, I work with the Windows version

But I found the solution: I have uninstalled Scrivener and completely reinstalled it. Now it works again, I was able to switch to UTF-8 and the export works.

If there could have been a simpler solution here, though, I’m still interested. :slight_smile: