Markdown Mode

Though I recognize that Scrivener has good support for markdown and Pandoc, I would love to see:

  • Improved editor (markdown mode) with live preview (like iA Writer or Typora)
  • Improved Pandoc capabilities, e.g. parse bibliography directly under compiling without having to go the route of the terminal

That would make this app far above the competition, like Ulysses, and it seems to me to be a natural evolution to what it can do today.

Thanks for making a great piece of software!

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Meantime, you can now use (as I have done occasionally for quite some time) Marked with Scrivener to preview.

  • Marked 2 can give you live preview I believe

  • Check out all @nontroppo’s posts on Pandoc/Scrivomatic/Quarto



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Yes, using marked already :grinning: Thanks!

Thanks for the Pandoc/Scrivomatic/Quarto tips!