Marketing Usage?

Hey All,
I work for a small, independent publishing/printing company in Portland, OR. I’m looking into a better way to outline our marketing campaigns and effort.

Those of you familiar with both Scrivener and marketing campaigns, what do you think of using Scrivener as tool?

I currently have a demo of Scrivener and I’m quite the newbie.

Thanks for your advice!


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Scrivener is mainly a drafting tool. You could use it to write and store copy for ads, brochures, plans, memos, letters, and so on. It helps you to organize a myriad bunch of details into batches for quick revision or retrieval. To produce output, you need to compile the draft matter and export it for clean up and formatting in a good word processor (see the posts on programs of choice).

A Scrivener file is called a project, but it’s not project management software, setting timelines and assigning duties to different work groups. And for management of contacts, calendars, or mail, you’re best off with those PDA applications that are available in the Mac OS.

A good and inexpensive note-taker is DevonNote, or the heavy-duty DevonThink Pro.

I hope this is helpful; good luck.

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I am the marketing director for a small publisher in Vermont, so I have some experience with both Srivener and marketing campaigns (although, for full disclosure I have to acknowledge that at the office we use PCs – where, by the way, I find OneNote quite useful). You might find Scrivener useful for drafting marketing materials, but I don’t think it would be the ideal tool for outlining and tracking campaigns. For that, I would suggest checking out Curio 5.0.


This is a very sophisticated White Board application that allows you to combine outlines, diagrams, documents, and media.


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