Marquee Zoom

If you have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Photoshop, when you have an item to view, you can “draw a box around it,” and the view will zoom to this level. This function is called “Marquee Zoom” in Adobe Acrobat, but is just called “zoom” in Photoshop.

I have a very, very large map that I need for my research, and zooming to the appropriate area is very difficult with the present zooming and scrolling tools. A marquee zoom feature would be great.


It might be easier, for large images like that, to load it in an Adobe viewer with the button in the footer bar for doing so. I like to recommend doing that whenever the built-in viewer in Scrivener isn’t doing enough—for example some people like to annotate their PDFs, but for us to add that it would take an awful lot of work for something that is a secondary feature in a writing program.

I’ll put it on the list for consideration, but even if it is approved, it will take a while, so I encourage the above approach.

Thanks for the reply, AmberV. I’m opening the file in photoshop, where I’m also marking locations on it.

I had to change my default viewer program to photoshop, but I wasn’t even aware of the external viewer icon. This makes my life a little easier.

Thanks again,