MAS vs Direct Sale version

I have Direct Sale Scrivener 3.
what are the diferentes between having a MAS version or a Direct Sale version?
Is there any way to migrate from DS to MAS?
Am I missing any features?


You are not missing anything, but you are helping L&L because direct sale means no portion of your sale that goes to Apple

Also, updates are faster with the direct sale version, because MAS needs to approve them, I think

Because of the sandboxing imposed by the Apple Store, MAS Scrivener isn’t able to invoke other programs automatically. This will primarily affect pandoc, pdflatex, and similar tools. See Section 21.3 in the Mac Scrivener 3 manual for more information. You should also be aware that we have no control over any additional restrictions that might be added in the future.

With that exception, the two versions are identical and we expect them to stay that way. Subject, again, to restrictions that Apple might impose.


Crystal clear!
Thank you!! :smiley: