mask for binder

I use binder to organize my thinking on a given subject. I spend an enormous amount of time in the binder before I write any document text. Hence my binder is very overwhelming to most folk.

Even for me the binder can present too much information if i am working on one small part of an idea. This is true even if i collapse all entries that can be collapsed.

I was wondering if i could use something like a mask which would display only the binder items of interest to me. I envision the mask to allow non-contiguous items to display through the mask openings. In my mind that could be any collection of items regardless of hierarchy, BUT i WANT TO PRESERVE HIERARCHY.

So to recap. I want to use a tool that acts as a mask that is imposed over the binder to exclude all entries I do not want to see but retains the binder hierarchical structure.

thank you folks for any insight you can offer.

if such an item does not exist, is scrivener “open”…so I can create the code to accomplish what I want to do and compile
and link all the code for my use. perhaps even submit it for inclusion if the scrivener owners find it of value?

. bil

I don’t think it exist in the 1.9 version, but in the beta you can find it under: View->Outline->Hoist Binder

  1. No, Scrivener is not “open”.

  2. if you want to be able to work with non-contiguous documents in the binder, I would look into using keywords or labels and creating appropriate search collections, which you could then work on.