Mass font change

Okay, so as detailed in the linux forum, I’m somewhat obsessive in finding fonts I like. I think I’ve found one I like…this week. Is there a way to do a mass font change on every document in your draft folder? Or am I stuck going through it file by file? I’ve got about 13 chapters, and each chapter is made up of 6 or so smaller documents. ctrl-A, change font is kind of a pain in the backside. I can compile it easily enough with my font-of-the-week.

Unless it is “urgent” you might want to wait until the function that does this is developed. There will be a menu command you can run that will revert the formatting of a document to the application defaults, and this command will work on many selected items at once.

Gotcha. No, it’s just my being fickle on what font I like to use. :wink: I wasn’t sure if there was a way to change all the fonts in all documents and I was missing it.

Heh, yeah I go through a big font changing ritual every once in a while too. You can date my projects by opening them up and comparing the font to whatever my fad of the era was.

At least I am not the only one who does this :slight_smile:

I think I’ve settled on New Century Schoolbook. :slight_smile:

I’m sure the rest of you will think I’m a boring stick in the mud, but several years ago I settled on Courier New for just about everything I write for myself. (My technical writing for work uses whatever font is the default in the document template.) I still have fond memories of writing on a typewriter as a kid and Courier New helps me recapture some of that sensawunda.

Fonts are fun. Sometimes TOO fun. :slight_smile:

Yeah, a nice typewriter font looks good, too. You can procrastinate a lot reading up about fonts and font design. :wink:


It seems the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command is still not available in the latest beta. Any idea when it will be added? I just imported about 300 text files into my new project, and they were assigned a tiny, unreadable 8-point font. Is there no automated way to change the font in all these documents? This is going to be an ongoing issue for many of us who import text from external sources.

I may be missing something, but couldn’t you select all the relevant documents in the binder, view them as scrivenings, select all their text, and assign your default font?


I had tried that, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. When in scrivenings mode and you try to select text, you can only select the text of one document at at time, even though you’re looking at them all. Same goes with using Ctrl-A to ‘select all’ – only the text in the document you have highlighted gets selected.

Helvetica. All the way.

Some of us old-timey news writers from the hot lead era share your fondness. It’s even better when combined with an old typewriter sound, as in WriteMonkey and other zenware editors. I wish they’d put it in Word (and Scrivener…) :slight_smile:

Yeah, I learned how to type on a typewriter, and I absolutely can’t break myself of the habit of typing two spaces after a period.


Finally got Scrivener (both versions) working on my laptop (necessitated updating its outdated distro.) The font that looks awesome on my desktop looks absolutely horrid on my desktop.

I wonder: is it possible to write a perl script to crunch through my Scrivener project and change fonts in one go, or would it be safer to just change everything manually by now? (Caveat: I know nothing about rtf formats, but it looks like the font is defined on the first line.)

I’m not sure why you would need a script when you can use Documents > Convert to default text? Am I missing something?

Oh heh. Last I checked that wasn’t in there. :blush:

Edit: except I still have to go through and do that for every document. It’s not doing it for the entire manuscript.

Yet Another Edit: Looks like it does work, but you’ve got to expand all folders. Is this expected behavior or a bug?

That’s expected behaviour. Since this is a potentially destructive command, it requires a full selection, not a descendant selection. As always, you can use the Outliner to do to temporary mass expansions to avoid messing up the current Binder expansion state. I believe there will be commands for Expand All and Collapse All coming soon, which will make this process considerably easier.

Please note if you do a mass conversion there is a bug where converting the formatting this way will wipe inline images. It’s on Lee’s priority list.