Matching settings


Have a stupid one, anyway, i recon many use the same setup so instead of using time to find some howto on it…ill ask here:

Have a Imac24 and a Macbook pro 13, scrivener file is on dropbox.
Working on my imac, i adjust the ruler and margins and width to fit the screen, offcourse opening the project on the macbook 13, i have to adjust all the settings to get it right in the editor again…
How do you guys do this? I bet many work from both a imac and a macbook, some way to make the width, ruler settings apply without manually fix with the settings each time?


Could you clarify a bit further what you mean by having to set up your ruler between machines? Ruler settings in documents are a part of the document itself—just as much as the text is—so they really shouldn’t be changing between sessions or computers. Do you mean the default Scrivener ruler settings? If so, you should follow the instructions here, which will help keep both computer’s Scrivener settings completely synchronised.

Also, you might wish to read this advisory.

No big deal…just that when i open my project on the 13 macboob the editor is out of alignment kind of…have to use the scroll line down at the bottom to see all…this is because i last worked on my imac24 and the settings in the project is from there…same offcourse on the imac if i last editet the project on the macbook, then its to small, filling half the screen…was looking for a way top lock it kind of…but nevermind…il survive it…thx though

Take a look at your Scrivener Settings. Under the General tab, there’s a section called Default Editor Width. Set it to zero.

Then, when you switch between computers, just “zoom” the window to full-screen size, and it’ll fit the screen you’re using.

Ah, yes I see what you mean. Right the project format saves the window size for you, so when going from desktop to laptop and back there will always be a bit of adjustment required. Fortunately, as Robert points out Scrivener actually has a pretty good tool for handling this. You can either go the route of setting that option to 0, or you can just use Cmd-Ctrl-= to zoom to full screen size and completely ignore your preferences. The Cmd-Ctrl-- shortcut takes into account your preferred editor width though, so if you don’t like really long lines of text you can set that to a good width (I like something around 520 pixels) and use that shortcut. If I want to open a vertical split, I always fully maximise first with the = shortcut and then split.