MathType Support in Windows ... please.

That would be awesome!!! I’m an engineering student and needless to say that MathType has solve my equation editing situation. However, having purchased the Windows version, instead of the Mac version (because I’m forced to generally use windows applications and thus spend the majority of my time there YUCK!) I am very dismayed that the native support which is soooooooooo cool on the Mac side is lacking on the Windows side. Should have been some “larger type” on the pre-order purchase page indicating some of these major discrepancies. OK, well major in my estimation Thanks for a great product anyway!

MathType support was only added to the Mac version a couple of months ago, and although I understand those needing equations see this as an important addition, it’s definitely “minor” when compared to getting Scrivener 1.0 for Windows out with the basic Scrivener features. Implementing MathType support for 1.0 instead of getting drag and drop working properly in the binder, for instance, would have been very foolish on our part. :slight_smile: It is definitely coming to the Windows version, too, though, don’t worry - I can’t say exactly when, but it’s on the roadmap.

Thanks for buying!

All the best,

Thanks for all that you do! Blessings to you my friend. Nice to see an independent developer doing such a spot on job!

As a scientist, I have found that Scrivener is essential to organizing thoughts and being able to see the big picture of a scientific work. Unfortunately, the lack of MathType support had me hit a roadblock while writing at which point I ended up converting my whole book into MS Word to be able to insert and reference the equations (as they number in the hundreds). I so wish I could go back to Scrivener rather than the linear MS Word. As soon as Scrivener gets MathType support where one can both insert equations and use MathType’s reference equation feature (a key component of scientific writing that automatically updates references and numbers equations), then I will be recommending Scrivener to my colleagues. Still, as is, Scrivener is excellent to start writing in, I just wish the whole process could take place in Scrivener though I completely understand that creating the code that runs the program does take time.

This leads to two questions:
First, I want to buy Scrivener as I have been using the Beta versions. However, I am willing to hold out to buy a version that supports MathType as without it, in my field, it is of limited use (though it makes writing technical literature enjoyable). If I bought the current version of Scrivener for Windows, does that include any upgrades to future versions that will support MathType?

Second, you mentioned that understandably, there are some things that must be fixed (i.e., bugs) before MathType can be implemented but could not give details. Where does MathType support fall in terms of priorities on the roadmap? Are we far away or is it just around the next bend? And will it have the features common to MathType in MS Word that I mentioned, of not only entering equations, but also equation numbering (across sections and Chapters), and referencing equations (from other sections and Chapters)?

Thanks for making the next generation writing tool.