Mathtype top part spaced out?

good day,

I’ve started using Scivener (which is really nice btw), + MathType for my calculus class.
But after I enter equations, I always have a very large spacing at the top which I cannot remove.

E.g between the 1) and the equation, there shouldn’t be spacing, but it inserts it anyway, thus making it look less pretty:
Full picture@

bit of the picture:

Macbook air, latest apple updates, using Trail version downloaded 3 days ago, math type 6.7c

Anything I can do?

Firstly, are you using the Edit/Insert/MathType Equation menu command to put them in? That’s the method you need to use to keep them tidy with the line they have been inserted on. Otherwise, if they are on their own line, make sure the line height factor isn’t anything greater than 1.0, same advice for any inline images (which these equations are, essentially). A line-height factor of 1.2 means 20% of the image height will be buffered above the image.

Thank you for your reply.

adjusting the line factor to .7 seems to do it.

The issue is that the line factor is 1.2 by default, i.e it’s 1.2 for every new text document I create, I then have to manually adjust it and considering I’m creating a lot of smaller documents, it’s a little tedious to do it each time.

Is there any way to set a default one line spacing of .7 for the whole project?

Sure, you can do that in the Formatting preference pane. That might be a bit tight for ordinary lines of text, but if this is primarily a bunch of equations then that ought to do. In fact, you might want to make that change in the Project/Text Settings... control panel instead. That’s an override to the general application formatting preferences, so it is useful if you have a project that has different requirements than the usual.