Meanless Scrollbar In Editor


There’s a scrollbar at the bottom and I couldn’t understand why it is really exist there? Is this can be a bug?

Note that it is not in the fixed width editor. It’s in the other version.

I tried to make it invisible because I can see the whole screen and stuff. It’s a little annoying :slight_smile:

Hope someone knows how to get rid of it replys here.

Have a beautiful day :v:

Hi, another question… It says ‘you can’t embed media items in a post’

how do I supposed to share a screenshot?

You can upload a screen shot with upload icon in reply box (in middle upward arrow). I do not see any scroll bar in version 3.

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You can also just drag and drop an image into the editing area where you type in the post.

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Thanks Amber, I did not realize that.

Here, at the bottom.

You have Page View enabled (from the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Page View menu command). As this uses a hard fixed-width to fully represent the page at your current zoom level, it may sometimes require horizontal scrolling in order to see everything.

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And you know, when I scrolll left or right, nothing changing except the visibility of border of the page.

Hımmmm. I understand.