Medical journal scientific paper template

I couldn’t find any usable template on the Web, hence I created one myself. I hope that you will find it as usable as I did. … ivtemplate

Thanks! It looks good. Nice usage of the persistent editor selection capability, too.

Thanks. Glad that you like it :smiley:

I am open to suggestions that may help improve the template. I tried to incorporate everything I find important in my own workflow.

Looks good.
I’m yet to try it out in earnest, but seems like it should work very well for psychology papers.

Nice job. :smiley:

I must be missing something. I’ve downloaded the file, but how do I get Scrivener to use it as a template? How do I open or include it or whatever?

In the New Project window, use the “Options” button to import template files from the disk. It will be automatically placed in the category it was originally assigned to (Non-Fiction in this case).

When i chose “Download” on the page the link was leading to it didn’t work (Scrivener greyed out the filename when I tried to do as you suggested) but when i chose “Save to Dropbox” it worked.