Meetings and Papers

I have just registered because there is one usage scenario that I haven’t seen mentioned here.

I mainly use scrivener for academic purposes, but once or twice I have used it in meetings.

I am not sure about anyone else, but I am often sent at least a dozen papers, plus an agenda, for a meeting. So recently I tried dumping them all into a scrivener document, splitting the window into one for the agenda,(slightly reduced size) and one for all the papers in “Edit Scrivenings” mode (or all the papers that I will need till the next break).

I make my notes in the document notes window, and scroll through the papers as I go.

I thought it worked really well, and I was wondering if anyone else has used in this way/has any tips for using it in this way?

I think it can work, but is pushing Scrivener to territories that are not its own. I would use a dedicate app instead.

I use Circus Ponies NoteBook for this, so that all appointments become almost immediately iCal’s events. An it is natively made for taking notes. But there are discussions in the forum suggesting several other names as well.


that’s what i bought for and so far it’s been great. for web projects i go to a lot of meetings, interview a lot of people, write a lot of ideas, etc., and dump it all into scrivener along with collected background materials, sample web pages, etc. then as part of my job i have to write a variety of reports and whatnot based on all this stuff and that’s where having it all in scivener will really pay off. i looked at other apps but scrivener seemed like the only one that would help with the writing part of the process.

While I bought scriv for personal “fun” I quickly found that the environment created a freedom of thought that improved my meeting presentations. I use scriv for everything but the actual slides (OO or PP). I distribute everything as an RTF, DOC, or on paper all generated from the compile options (need to get AmberV or fletcher to explain MMD to me as I am just not getting it). It has gone over so well that folks are being asked to follow the same processes that I am for document development and distribution.

Drives them nuts once they realize that it is an inexpensive program on a Mac that makes it all happen.