Mellel 2.6

Mellel 2.6 is out. Lot of improvements. Support of Quicklook. Import of footnotes in RTF. :mrgreen: :open_mouth:

Quick tests:

Footnotes: Yes
Endnotes: Yes
Lists: No (Probably still Apple's fault)
    Layout: Yes
    Cell Outline: Yes
    Cell Background: No
Images: Yes
RTF Comments: No
Headers & Footers: Yes

I think, with the exception of Word, that puts Mellel in the lead for Scrivener compatibility?

Not quite. Nisus Pro supports all of those things and comments too. (Plus Martin, one of the developers, has always been very helpful with the RTF stuff so I’ve been able to test and fix against Nisus more easily - not that I’m saying the Mellel folk aren’t helpful, I’ve just never had any contact with them!) So, Word and Nisus are about equal in terms of RTF compatibility with Scrivener, closely followed by Mellel.

All the best,

Excellent, thanks. I tried to evaluate Nisus for the FAQ a while back and got nothing but crashes at a rate which was so frustrating I never tried it again!

This new feature looks interesting:

“* Smart style matching: with imported documents or documents with ad-hoc attributes, Mellel will smartly ‘sense’ the attributes in the text and match them. For example, if one applies a style to text with font in boldface, Mellel will look within the style for a style variation in boldface.”

That’ll simplify matters quite a bit, if it works well.


What has to be added is that Mellel’s new Quicklook support is superb and does work with programs using QuickLook but at the moment not with Scrivener which seems to have a problem with handling the package format.


Scrivener does not support the import of .mellel files (which is a proprietary - albeit XML-based - format). The current iteration of Scrivener wrongly interprets even packages as folders, which is why they get imported as folders, but that will be fixed in a future version of Scrivener. To import Mellel files into Scrivener, save them out of Mellel as RTF.