Mellel for iPad

it’s out. Not many people around here seem to use it, but some do. So, if you use it, you can now use it also on the tablet.

Not here in the UK it ain’t — the iPad version that is.


Mr X

EDIT: typo correction and aside added.

Just seen this :confused: … ?ls=1&mt=8
Show as £14.99 on UK iTune downloads


Still not coming up on the iPad app store, though!


Mr X

For me, Vic’s link comes up with Mellel for iPad…do you see something different?

Mellel by RedleX


Nice to see that even the app icon has become more portable! :slight_smile:


Mellel for iPad is showing up in the App Store for me (no iPhone version), but although I do have a fondness for Mellel, I can’t realistically see me using it on my brand new iPad, so I’m afraid I’m not stumping up the £14.99 just to play with it. Not yet, at any rate. Cute app icon, though.

[size=85]Did you notice the nonchalant way in which I slipped in the news that this weekend I joined the modern world and bought an iPad Air 2? :slight_smile:[/size]

Not on my iPad Air 2! I wonder why. I’ve had the news email from Mellel, though.

I might get it. I have Mellel for Mac, though I haven’t used it for a long time. On the other hand, as there is no inkling of Nisus producing NW(P) for iOS, I may well take the plunge to have a good editor on my iPad working with my Macs.


[size=85]And yes I did! :smiley:[/size]

Mr X

But have you got Scrivener for iOS on it, that is the question! :laughing:

Devious floozie! :open_mouth:
Anyway, it won’t be long before it goes the way of all your other Apple self-indulgences … covered in greasy fingerprints, bread and cake crumbs, cigarette ash and slopped Chardonnay.

Some of us not only drop food and drink on our self-indulgencies, but we also use them to write… … he-lamber/

Yeah, but you’re not a devious floozie … :confused: :blush: are y? :open_mouth:

Just copied this … he-lamber/ on to my desktop. As a pathological history obsessive, (sort of), I shall read after breakfast.

:laughing: :laughing: Thanks for the laugh! You must have met some of my in-laws! :wink:
You might enjoy this,
It’s a dialect poem (or a poom), by a Lancashire poet, Sam Fitton. I fell in love with it back in the late 60s.

Granada TV put out a series of programs, back in the day, called The Lancashire Lads. It featured the work of two lancashire dialect poets. Sam Fitton was one, but the name of the other escapes me. What I do remember, is that, whilst Sam concentrated his efforts on Oldham working class life, this other fella’s forte was Saddleworth moor above Oldham.

Imagine a man with your command of the language, describing every thing from the broad panoramic vistas, down to the delicate minutiae of a wild poppy striving to survive amongst a myriad of native flora, but done in a dialect like Sam Fitton’s. ‘Enchanting’, wouldn’t be hyperbolic, just a simple truth.
Take care

June 22, 2015
Content of Newsletter from [size=150]melle[/size]

Mellel for iPad!
Our new and exciting iPad version of Mellel is here! And it’s really great, too.

Learn More
Buy Mellel for iPad
Mellel for iPad is a sibling to Mellel for Mac, and includes many of the features offered with Mellel (and more will come in the near future), adjusted for work on the iPad.
Mellel for the iPad supports features such as Outline, character and paragraph styling and styles, footnotes and endnotes, track-changes and comments, auto-titles, find and replace, tables, word count, and a lot more.

Even better - if you’re a Mellel for Mac user, you’re in luck, as Mellel for iPad is the perfect on-the-road companion for Mellel for Mac: All the features, options and settings set with Mellel are displayed with Mellel for iPad, including cross-references, citations, specially set styles and setups, and so on.
You can start working on a document on your Mac, continue working on your iPad, move back to the Mac, and add minor touches, comments, or track changes back on your iPad. Your documents will stay constant between the two platforms.
And there’s nothing simpler than moving between your iPad and the Mac. If you’re using iCloud Drive, in fact, you do not have to do anything: just keep your document in the Mellel folder or any other folder you wish to have the document in - and it’ll be there, up-do-date, no matter if the changes were made on your iPad or on your Mac.
It’s equally simple if you wish to use email or a third-party cloud device, such as DropBox or Box - just drop it there, and you’re done.
Mellel for iPad is just $19 on the App Store.