Memorizing the settings in Full Screen mode

As far as I can see, Scrivener does not memorize the various settings in Full Screen mode (Text Scale, Paper Position, Paper Width etc.). This implies that after every restart they have to be reset. Wouldn’t it be nice if Scrivener were able to remember for each document the most recent settings in Full Screen mode?

Sorry, but of course Scrivener is supposed to remember these settings. It works for me, and has always worked for me. Are you saying that Scrivener has never remembered your page width, your background opacity, the position of your paper, the text scale in full screen? All of these things are written to your preferences file whenever they get changed, so they should get remembered. No one else has reported this issue, so it may be an issue with your preferences file. Strange. (Note that the only thing that doesn’t get saved is whether the inspector panel is visible, as you may not always want it there.)
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I’ve encountered this as well (today most recently), though it is infrequent and so far not repeatable.

At the risk of having this Feedback thread turn into a Bug Hunt thread, here is the situation:

I have a document that gets shared between three different Scrivener installations (home machine, work machine, and boss’s laptop). Once in awhile, when I open Scrivener by double-clicking on this document (and yes, only one version of scrivener is installed), the Full-Screen settings have been reset to the defaults.

Are these settings part of the project?

No, these settings are saved in user defaults. Thus, if you move it between machines, the settings will not be kept between computers. The reasoning behind this is that you can have different settings on different computers - allowing for different screen resolutions and tints etc.
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That’s what I would expect, which is why the sudden reset of the Full Screen settings catches me by surprise.

Is there some situation which causes the settings to revert to the defaults? Perhaps if Scrivener is run and closed without using Full Screen mode?

Well at this point it is all conjecture. It has happened 2 or 3 times this week; I’ll try to make it repeatable, then post it into Bug Hunt.

Well, that was fast.

I actually was able to make this repeatable, and in doing so I have realized that this is a design decision.

I should clarify that the Full Screen settings I am referring to are the paper width and text zoom level. I have opened three different projects, and each project retains the settings last used when it was viewed in Full Screen. Opening Tutorial.scriv and going into Full Screen mode, the default width and zoom are used.

So what I am seeing is the default project-specific Full Screen settings from my boss’s Scrivener overriding the project-specific Full Screen settings.

Ah - yes. Each project has its own full screen settings! That is, not the settings in Preferences, but those that are set using the pop-up toolbar at the bottom of the full screen window - these are saved on a per-project basis. That may well be what is causing you issues.

I should explain why I took this design decision: you may well want notes open in one project, and thus have your paper narrow and on the left in one project. In another project that has less need of notes, you may want the paper wider and centralised. Likewise, you may want to block out the background more in one project than in another.

Hope that makes sense.

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Yeah, I could see reasons for keeping those specific settings on a per-project basis. On the other hand, Full Screen mode is largely intended to accommodate the way an individual works best, and that is not likely to change between projects.

Tough call. Long-term, it might be good to find out whether users are more likely to have per-project or global Full Screen preferences. Short-term, it’s enough to know that it’s not a bug. If moving a couple of sliders is the only penalty for exchanging documents with another user, I’m OK with that :slight_smile: