Mendeley Integration Prospects?

Love Scrivener, only wish there were more seamless integration with mendeley. Any possibility of that happening?

That depends entirely on Mendeley, Scrivener has a clear workflow for other reference tools. Mendeley partially dumped their previous desktop client (which wasn’t great) and switched to an even more awful web-page posing as a bloated desktop app client. This regressed their support for alternative workflows (Bibtex keys etc.) even further. I tested last year and they couldn’t do an even basic alternative workflow, only Word. I emailed them with detailed questions and, unsurprisingly, got a generic corporate email about “valuing my input”. Mendeley is run by publishing giant Elsevier and clearly developed by committee, they don’t care about their product and IMO it is just part of a corporate strategy to lock you into their ecosystem. Good luck.

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