Menu navigation with the keyboard (Control-F2).

This could be a wish, or maybe it’s a bug. In OSX, pressing Control-F2 moves the focus to the menu bar, and one can then use the arrow keys to navigate left and right or up and down an application’s drop-down menus. Except in Scrivener, using the down key causes the menu to lose focus, so that it is impossible to select a menu item that way. Any chance for a fix, or an implementation of this feature?

Hm. I don’t have this issue at all on 10.6.5. I’m using Scrivener 2.0.5 now but I’ve never had a problem in earlier versions either. Might there be something else on your computer–global shortcuts or another quick-key sort of program–that’s interfering?

You sussed it – it was some of my fancy QuicKeys biting me while I wasn’t looking. I get so used to having them around that I forget I’ve even defined them. In this case I had a couple of favorite QuicKeys set to trigger with the up and down arrows. Now I’ll have to figure out a work around. Sorry for the bother.