Menu not returning focus to editor

I first noticed this in the Format menu.

When you are in the editor, using the kb to open the Format menu and then, for example, going to the Highlight submenu, when the menu closes, focus is not returned to the editor.

This was true of all of the Format submenu commands that I’ve tried.

I don’t believe this is happening with other menus – though other menus tend to have commands that are designed to change focus, where most Format commands are applied to the text, where a lack of focus would be immediately felt.

However, it seems related to something that occurs menu-wide: From editor, if you Alt-key into the top level menu, and then back out with the escape key, focus stays with the menu.

When the menu opens, hitting escape once will close it and you can see the menu is still outlined with the focus indicator. Pressing esc a second time will remove the indicator, but the focus does not return to the editor. I don’t know where it goes, but pressing Tab once will send focus to the Project Search field, with subsequent tabs advancing focus until it gets to the inspector’s note pane, at which point the tab key gets trapped when it’s interpreted literally as a tab.

The way it works in Explorer, when backing out of a menu, the first esc closes the menu but keeps focus at the top level, with a second escape returning focus to wherever it last was.

I’ve occasionally found myself not focused in the editor when I was expecting to be, but never gave it a lot of thought. But this could account for it.

I have not checked if or how things differ when using the a mouse/touchpad.