Menu text in Dark Mode is doubled up on itself

This issue has been around for ages as well.

Look at the dark text in the menus in Dark Mode. It’s doubled up on itself, causing a weird out-of-focus effect.


Unfortunately this is how dark mode draws disabled menu items and we are not going to adjust it before the official release.

Quality stuff.

This looks looks exactly like a text Drop Shadow Effect with a Blur Radius of zero (at Depth of about 2). I can guarantee there are display settings in your codebase for the menu’s submenu disabled items text block. Whatever UI framework and components Scrivener is developed with (even if it’s a custom in-house menu component), it’s configurable.

Do you mean the dark-mode “theme” has display settings for these disabled submenu selection items that aren’t going to be changed? Even though this simple issue has been around for a long while? All that is needed is to have them display exactly every other enabled item, just the different color, when disabled.

With more information, there’s probably enough devs in this forum, that one of us has worked with the same framework or similar and can make a suggestion. A setting isn’t anything that needs code tests, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on a very first build or a release candidate build. It either displays correctly or it doesn’t. So it can be altered at any time.

That may well be true, however given the rush to take care of the remaining big bugs before a release, it may well be a matter of available time. Only so many hours in a day.

It isn’t a show-stopper and there are more important things to focus on IMHO. This is something that can be tweaked post-release. as Tiho has indicated.