Merge Bug in V1.8 [LOGGED]

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First noticed this in V1.7 but having just installed V1.8, it’s still there.

  1. Put your cursor into a (unimportant) document at the start of a line some way down
  2. Select Documents/Split/Split at Selection
  3. Select the two documents in the binder
  4. Select Documents/Merge
  5. Place cursor into the newly merged document
  6. Press Ctrl-Z

The text vanishes from the merged document and can’t be brought back i.e. it’s lost.

The reason I found this is that after merging, I wanted to undo it so pressed Ctrl-Z assuming it would undo the merge action. If this isn’t the standard behaviour (once the bug is dealt with), can I also request it be implemented as a feature?

Incidentally, a secondary bug appears to be that after stage 2, the left hand margin for the first line of the second document is changed. In my particular case it was about a quarter of an inch in to begin with and got moved to zero when it was split. I would expect it to remain the same as it was before the split.

+1 support, on Undo/Crtl-Z being functional simply everywhere, and in an n-length sequence where n is defined from a reasonable preset 20 or so in the Options.

It is the standard necessary feature for a GUI, which lets you do potentially devastating things, and is seldom understood until you try something.

It’s that recovery from trial that we learned long ago let people actually use the things, and feel comfortable in it. I can remember teaching my mother the Macintosh, and this was the freedom she was delighted with in it.

Too much personal history today :wink:


This bug still exists in V020

Hear hear! One thing that’s driving me crazy is that it’s incredibly easy to move things to the wrong place without even trying. I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally made a key word into a child of another key word or moved a file in the binder. I don’t know why this is so easy, and I wish it weren’t. I don’t generally have this problem in Windows programs, but it has happened numerous times in Scrivener. Given how easily things can be accidentally moved, I beg for a undo feature for last action taken in all areas. It’s a time-consuming nuisance to undo move errors in the binder, and with the key words HUD, I usually end up deleting the accidental child and making a new key word with the same text, since moving things in the HUD list is difficult to the point of being near impossible without making an accidental child.

Unrelated, I would like a simple way to reorder the key words in the HUD alphabetically. The more key words I have, the less useful the HUD is.

Logged now.

Hi. I just downloaded the Scrivener for Windows Beta and I’m going through the tutorial. After reading “Step 16: Split and Merge” I split Step 16 into three documents, then I selected the three documents and tried selected Documents>Merge. And the program crashed. I reopened it, and I still have the three documents, but the first document is now the merge of all three, and the other 2 documents are just as they were.

Anyway, this is my first experience with Scrivener, and I think it’s pretty awesome! :slight_smile: I’m glad I was able to try it out. It looks like it’d be a great tool for writing my thesis. Thanks for the opportunity to try it out! Have a great day! :slight_smile: