Merging documents and preserving snapshots

Last night I merged two separate documents, each of which had discrete snapshots. After the merge, I found that snapshots view in the Inspector only displayed the snapshots of one of the documents. Unfortunately it was the most recently created document, meaning that snapshots of the other, stretching back several months, are no longer viewable. This is not a major issue for me in this particular instance, but I could see it potentially being a problem. A couple of questions:

  1. Is this expected merge behaviour?
  2. Is there a way to ensure that merging two or more documents also merges their snapshots?
  3. If not, can I specify which document’s snapshots are kept?
  4. If not, is it simply a better option to copy and paste?

You might need to update Scrivener, as there was a bug in the previous version that would cause snapshots to disappear from the list after merging. It was a purely cosmetic bug, if you restarted the project they would be there, and nothing was ever lost on the disk—the list itself just wasn’t refreshing itself post-merge.

Thanks for the reply Ioa. I’m running Scriv 2.7, and have been since it was released, so no issues there. I’ve just run a very simple test by creating two blank documents. In the first I typed ‘This is also a test’ and created a snapshot. In the second document I typed a line and then created snapshot. I made two more modifications to the document, creating three snapshots for the second document in total. I then merged the two documents: 4 snapshots available to view so at first glance all seems to be working correctly. However, none of the snapshots contain the line ‘This is also a test’, typed into the first document. So, the snapshot of that document appears to be lost. I have restarted the project a couple of times, and have no joy viewing the old snapshots I mentioned in the original post, or indeed of the first document in my test. What am I doing wrong? :smiley:

I wish I could say! I am for whatever reason not getting the same result. To rule out a preference or method issue, I’ve attached a project all set up and ready to merge. I’ve verified this will merge snapshots correctly the way I’m doing it anyway. I’ve been merging from the binder with Shift-Cmd-M are you doing anything different?
merge_me 2016-06-10 (39.4 KB)