merging synopses

I have written synopses for the 28 chapters I am doing. When I view them in outliner I then essentially see the chapter by chapter outline of the whole book. Is it possible to print this view as a single text document? I tried edit scrivenings and it merged the contents of the documents, not the synopses.

In structuring, being able to print this out as it appears in outliner would be really useful as i am one of those old-fashioned types who, every now and then, like to take a paper copy to work on.

I could copy and paste into a new doc but want to avoid this if I can as a) it is laborious and b) I woud have to keep creating new copies to stay updatea…

Any help would be gratefully recieved.


Just use Compile Draft and select to include only the synopses (or titles and synopes, or whatever you want), then click on “Print”. :slight_smile:

D’oh! Thanks