Merlin Mann of 43Folders loves Scrivener

Just wanted to let you know that I heard Merlin Mann raving about Scrivener on a recent podcast (around Xmas). I’m afraid can’t remember which because it seems like they all have nearly the same name; it was a roundtable discussion so probably something like Buzzcast or one of the Twit casts. Anywan, kudos!

Sorry if I missed a post or if this was already mentioned on the blog (I couldn’t find it).

Hi - another user pointed me in the direction of that podcast, too. It was a very nice surprise. I e-mailed Merlin to thank him and he was very enthusiastic - a very nice and cool guy, and I’m grateful to him for bigging up Scriv.

I heard about this app from Merlin Mann too but from his MacBreak podcast.

MacBreak is exactly the podcast I was on about. Thank you Merlin Mann. :slight_smile:

And now Merlin has posted his review of Scrivener 1.0 on 43 Folders. Check it out here.

The long and short of it is that he loves the app. This kind of exposure, especially from a productivity guru, should help keep the wolves from Keith’s door for quite some time.

Yes, though in another sense I have a feeling many more wolves are going to be coming to Keith’s door than he expected. It may be very hard to get that novel done with all the compliments, suggestions, and support requests that will be arriving in the coming weeks. Keith, you are about to become a minor celebrity. . . hang on tight.


Andy, dead on - I’ve been having the same feeling about Keith & Scrivener for months. It seems to me that Keith has tapped into a deeply felt need that is shared by many writers of all stripes. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Merlin would be a great person to do a video tutorial (screencast) of Scrivener 1.0. It would be easier to learn from than the tutorial file.

I heard of Scrivener from Merlin Mann too! I haven’t found the tutorial difficult but I do think a video showing the software used ‘in anger’ would be a great encouragement as would comments from folk who are using it and their mode of operations. Am very impressed at first view!!

I actually bought iShow not long ago with the intention of making some video tutorials myself. I hope to create some in the not-too-distant future.

Excellent! I look forward to those video tutorials

That review was the cause of me finding out about Scrivener and ultimately deciding to register it. I’ve played around with a few writing tools and application combinations (Copywrite, OmniOutliner with Word docs embedded and Circus Ponies Notebooks for research and jottings) and hadn’t really found one that clicked well. I’d resigned myself to sticking with Word and OmniOutliner when I saw the review on 43 Folders, and downloaded the trial.

I’m very impressed - the only thing I miss from my old system is the ability of OmniOutliner to embed any document and open it in an external editor. As I use a number of apps in preparing material that OS X doesn’t open automatically, (eg OmniGraffle), it’d be nice to have this implemented in a future release.

It’s rare I register an app within a few days of trying it – usually it takes a month or so – which may give you an idea how much I was impressed by Scrivener. It’s a really nice application.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Remember that each document has a “References” section where you can link files from other applications which will be opened in their associated apps. So you could create a top-level file to hold all references for your project. Eventually (1.5-2.0, so not for a while) there will probably be project-level references, but for now this workaround should help for unsupported file types.