Meta-data list printout...and Meta-data autocompletion???

I see in the manual that this is not a feature today. I would really like it.

I use meta-data for ‘participant’ and ‘observer’ and ‘event arc’, because these fields are important when syncing with Aeon Timeline.
Right now it works, but since Aeon will create a new Entity whenever I misspell by not using Capital first letters in name(s) (like when I release shift key a fraction too soon) I may end up with quite a correction job once the data is in Aeon.
example: Palle Jensen, palle Jensen, Palle jensen and palle jensen will give 4 entities in Aeon, even my brain says it the same :astonished:

In any case I would be very happy if I could print out a coloumn-list of used meta values, this I have not succeeded doing. only one rtf bit for every entry, which by itself is nice but useless in my situation

is there a way to create such a print out? then I could tape it next to my screen and hopefully enter the CORRECT values
kind regards

This is an indirect rather than a direct answer.

Have you thought of using a text expander? These are programs where you define your own abbreviations and triggers, and the software expands your abbreviation. For example if you had an abbreviation “pj” that expanded to “Palle Jensen” it would always be consistent not only within Scrivener but also in your output to Aeon, and would save you quite a lot of typing too.

I use TypeIt4Me (Ettore Software), but there is also Typinator and TextExpander, and probably others too. And Apple has an auto-correct feature built-in, that you could also use - in a more limited way - to achieve the same thing.