Meta suggestion re the forums

I don’t know where it is best to post this, and reckon this is the best place, but moderators feel free to move it or whatever. :slight_smile:

Since I spend so much time each day — I can’t really say procrastinating, since I am at leisure with no projects to hand at the moment — reading all the new posts in these forums, it strikes me that perhaps a new forum somewhere for questions, comments and replies on Mobi/KF8/ePub/iBooks compiling might be a good idea.

The same basic queries have come up so many times in the Mac forums, the Windows forums and perhaps even the Linux forum, that it might be a more efficient use of the support team’s time to have them all in one place. That way, someone having trouble sorting out the "Front Matter” on their .mobi or font type/size questions on ePubs generally, etc. could all look in the same place and see that there was already a thread or threads on their issues, and not start a new one requiring a new reply from the team.

Just a thought.

Mr X

Curious … which pages do forum users bookmark for L&L?

I bookmark: search.php?search_id=active_topics

Wish I could filter out the Windows and Linux threads, but see all the other active threads. Have tried creating an advanced search to do just that, but not been able to make it work exactly as I want.

Actually, my post was not looking for bookmarking as a way of reducing the amount of time I spend reading in the various forums; rather it seems to me there is currently a considerable duplication, in the Windows and Mac forums, of requests for help with compiling, particularly in respect to e-books. These threads all require responses from the support team or other users.

If there were an “e-book” forum, it would be easier for the people to identify existing threads that may well answer their query without having to look through the huge amount of other support requests, and which may possibly have been originated by someone using the other platform, whose forum, like you, they wish to avoid spending time on.

Mr X

Continuing the off-topic: I have a similar dream. It just looks like you cannot combine the advanced search options with special category searches like active_topic or newposts. So, for example, search_id=newposts-windows-linux does not work.

Have you tried the RSS feed route? You can specify your own custom choice of forums to get fed.


Thanks, Greg. Always found the RSS system in general a bit pushy and intrusive, but might be worth it for Scrivener.

Since Briar Kit posted this very useful link, I have used it as my Scrivener bookmark. Unfortunately it no longer works with the forum upgrade, and I wonder if someone might be able to tell me how to fix it? And yes I know Amber has posted an Active Topics RSS feed link in the announcement, but I don’t like RSS :smiley:

I believe the “New Posts” link at the top of the page (which sends you to this URL: search.php?search_id=newposts) is equivalent to the “Active Topics” of the old forums.

Just noticed the button and clicked on it to find your reply. Thanks!

Since it seems there is still no meta-forum forum, and as you guys have revived this thread—even though there’s been no response official or otherwise to my original suggestion, albeit there’s maybe a hint of a possibility in Ioa’s announcement of the new forum/a—can I register my true appreciation of the new look, including and especially the new Literature and Latte logo; I think that is absolutely brilliant.

In due appreciation, I will go back to signing with my name, rather than the soubriquet wished on me by Jaysen! :wink:


Resurrecting the corresponding off-topic:

While you cannot specify particular forums to exclude from your newposts search, you can specify just the forums you want to include. This link will show just new posts in the forums and subforums of Announcements and Scrivener for Mac, and nothing else:[]=28&fid[]=1

You can extend this url with more inclusions indefinitely. Wish List is forum 4, so we can extend the above URL by adding the following additional conjunct:



I have reinstated the Active Topics link and removed the New Posts link. It looks like upgrade reset all forums to exclude themselves from listing in active, so I just had to run through each one and set the flag back to true. Overall I prefer the behaviour of “Active Topics” to “New Posts”.

The special New Posts search still exists, as does its feed, so if you do prefer that mode it can be bookmarked.

Of course, the New Posts link existed in the old forum interface – as well as Active Topics. In my own use of the forum, the former has been by far my most frequently hit link. Go to the forums, hit New Posts, trawl. Kind of puzzled why you would want to remove it (from view). (I guess I also suspect that your real regulars on the forum all use it.)


I’m happy to put it back if others have found it useful. As for myself I never have made much use of it, to the point that I had forgotten all about it. :slight_smile:

All I ever use is the New Posts link. It’s a daily stop-off, a one-stop shop to sift for topics of personal interest.

But … but… that was my only real contribution!

Unless you count keeping vic-k occupied as a contribution. Granted that effort tended to cause more general disruption than had I simply left him alone…


Hear, hear! The former logo was pretty enough, but you’re right; there’s no other words to describe the new logo other than “absolutely brilliant.” (Designs that merge images with letterforms just do it for me.) Hats off to the designer!