meta text

I’m sure there must be a way to this. How can you include meta text in a doc? For example when a character is telling a story to the others, etc. I had to indent each sentence but I’m sure there’s an easier way.

Just so I’m clear: by ‘meta-text’, do you mean you have sections of your story which you want formatted differently from standard paragraphs in the final output? (e.g. a narrative within the main narrative.)

You can do this a number of ways, depending on exactly how the ‘meta-text’ is made up.

If for example, it’s a single block with no interruptions, then it’s easiest just to have all that text in a separate document in the binder. Format it in the editor the way you want it to look in the final output (e.g. set the indent properly, make it all italic etc), then make sure that ‘Compile As-Is’ box is ticked in the Inspector. The compilation process with leave this document alone, giving you the difference you need. (BTW you can also assign individual documents to compile ‘As-Is’ in the advanced compilation settings).

If that’s not suitable (e.g. because you’re interspersing the meta-text a lot and you don’t want so many extra documents), then just format each piece of meta-text as you’d want it, then highlight it and choose ‘Preserve Formatting’ from the format menu. This will make sure that these paragraphs aren’t changed in compilation.

You can make the second method a lot easier, once you’ve formatted and preserved the first piece of meta-text, by selecting it and assigning it to its own formatting preset from the Format > Formatting menu (which you can add a shortcut for from the Mac’s System Preferences menu in the normal way). For any subsequent meta-text, you then just add your new preset format.

FWIW, the forthcoming Version 3 makes all this simpler and more intuitive.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll try that! Cheers