Metadata and keywords

Up to today I used Scrivener only for my blog. I write the articles, export them and adapt them in wordpress, including keywords. Now I tumbled across metadata in general and the keywords-tag, especially.

A few questions regarding this:

  • where can I find a list of possible tags? Or are these the same as here:
  • Can I use my article based keywords to use to fill the keyword tag? I.E. there is a tag author which is automatically filled with <$author>. I tried <$keywords> but that doesn’t work ;-(



I don’t know if this matches what you are looking for, but in Scrivener the <$keywords> placeholder tag will print any assigned keywords for the document it is placed within. A good introduction to the feature can be found in step 5e of the interactive tutorial (help menu), and chapter 10 in the user manual is the next best place to explore meta-data. Keywords in particular start in §10.1.4, Using Keywords, pg. 123.

Placeholder tags in Scrivener can be referenced from the Help menu.

Hi Amber!

Thanks a lot for your time.

Yes. That would be what I was looking if it worked, at least with html. But unfortunately it doesn’t.
This the html metadata Output:


The first two are perfectly fine and the last, well you can see. There should have been two keywords appearing.


Am I to take it you’ve put this placeholder into the Meta-Data compile option pane? If so, that won’t work, along with most of the placeholder tags for that matter. The key phrase in my prior explanation is, “the <$keywords> placeholder tag will print any assigned keywords for the document it is placed within…”, as in the file in the binder. Every file in the binder can have its own keywords, and this placeholder tag prints the keywords assigned to that one single section of the draft, nowhere else.

On the other hand, if you are composing in HTML and using the plain-text compile output, and this is an example of text from one of the files in your draft folder, then that should be working. I have attached an example showing placeholder tag usage in two different examples. Each example has its own set of keywords, and in the Research folder you’ll find a compiled example. (43.4 KB)