Metadata entry in outliner mode and metadata search

I have viewed the Mac video “Organising Your Projects - Tailor Projects Using Custom Metadata” and it shows that one can choose from a list, check a box or enter a date - all while in outliner mode.

Sorting by metadata in outliner view was last discussed in Dec ([LH1877] Sorting Columns in Outliner View). Are these features (entering and sorting) intended to be available in the first release of the Win version? Neither work for me in Beta 39.

Also, does search using “Any Word” or using regex search ("|") work in a metadata field such as text or list.
If I put" yes" in one doc’s metafield and “no” in another and search using any word “yes no” or regex “yes | no”, the search is empty. Similar searches work fine if not in metadata.

Thanks, Shelly