Metadata reflections?

Is there any way to reflect metadata from my story arcs to the metadata for the events in my narrative (so I can remember what I’m doing)?
Thank you!


It depends on how your Binder is set up, what specific metadata you are using, and so on.

Scrivener does not, itself, differentiate between “story arcs” and “events in the narrative.” So you might create an index card for each major plot point in an arc, then simply write the actual narrative in the documents associated with those index cards. Or you might use labels to denote the hero’s Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call, Meeting with Mentor, and so on. Or you might use keywords for the same purpose, or to identify the key characters and key objects, actions, or locations in each scene.

Typically, Scrivener offers several different ways to approach a writing task, allowing you to choose the one that seems most comfortable for you.