Micro bug after update

Just updated to latest version.

Clicked “Finish” up pops Readme, close that and get a Win 7 “Program has crashed” message search online or etc.

Hit “Close Prog”, manually restart Scriv from Start menu and no probs.

As I say micro bug just makes it look a little unprofessional is all :-0

Keep up the good work though!

Hope it is as sunny in Cornwall as it is here on Maui.


Interesting. This is the first crash report I’ve seen from the installer, so I don’t think it’s a common problem, fortunately. Were you running the full installer downloaded from the site, or did you run the auto-update? Did you have any other programs running when you installed?

LOL do bears etc… Does anyone really close everything? I only do that when things will not install any other way -and eventthe I have to be very committed to the product :slight_smile:

I did an auto update from the Scrivener help menu.

Hope that helps.

I’ve had this same issue with essentially every install/upgrade.