Microsoft Word export: footnotes lose numbers and contain {$NOTE_LABEL} signifier

When I export or compile a document to Microsoft Word in the Mac OS version of scrivener, a portion of the footnotes are becoming garbled. They don’t have a number but where it should have the footnote number, there is a code: {$NOTE_LABEL} what am I doing wrong or is this a bug?

It looks like poor Sanford Lewis never got an answer to this issue, and now I have encountered the same problem so I’m creating a reply to bump this topic to the top of the list. Does anybody know how I can fix this in Word? About half of my End Notes have this {$NOTE_LABEL} error and I’d really like to fix it



I don’t use Word, so I have no experience of this, but I have a suggestion:

Try compiling to RTF and then opening that in Word. RTF is Scrivener’s native format, so it’s not doing any conversion, and the best converter of RTF to DOCX is undoubtedly Word, so it is worth trying.

But let me make my position clear: I compile everything (other than texts for our website) to RTF, but then I use Nisus Writer Pro, which also uses RTF as its native format. Documents I send to collaborators are RTF and they open them in Word without problem.


I had the same problem. Solved it! It turned out that all instances of the problem contained an active hyperlink. Use the Remove Hyperlink in the menus and all is well.