Microsoft Word not recognized

After moving most of my applications from my main disk drive to a secondary disk drive, to conserve space, I encountered the following problem: after compiling a Scrivener Project, Scrivener now exports into TextEdit rather than Microsoft Word. Before, the export went to Word without problems. Is there a way to change settings to allow the export into Word. I tried to move the Word program back to the main drive, but now for some reason (authentication issues), I can’t do that. Thanks. HR

Scrivener doesn’t compile to an application, but to a file format. You can choose RTF, DOC, or DOCX format from the main Compile screen, regardless of what’s installed on your system.

Once Scrivener has finished compiling your project, it can open the resulting file in the application you choose. If Word is not available on the dropdown menu, that means Mac OS isn’t recognizing that it’s installed. I.E. it’s a Mac OS issue, not a Scrivener issue.


Thanks for your reply. I understand what you are saying. However, my Scrivener outputs now in Textedit. The filename that opens in TextEdit has a DOCX suffix. But TextEdit saves in unformatted text. If Scrivener would produce a DOCX document I could save, that would give me a workaround to my problem. I tried to compile and export in rich text format, but the program seems to stop once the com[ile is complete, and an RTF document is not saved.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand your description.

In the main Compile screen, please choose DOCX in the Compile For menu at the top.

In the file save dialog, please choose any convenient destination, and uncheck the “Open compiled document in” box at the bottom.

Does the Compile finish and save correctly? If so, Scrivener has done its job. If not, what happens?


Thank you. Your solution worked. I did not pay attention to that "Do not Open " box on the filesave menu. I also solved the problem by reinstalling Word to my system drive. Now the program works as expected. HR