Middle mouse button click-to-scroll?

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but it looks like scrivener does not support the fast scroll function when you click the middle mouse button (or wheel) that works in web browsers and most word processors.
Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to enable? Or is this not supported in scrivener?

Is there any solution for this? I use the middle mouse button to scroll all the time, so it’s a bit frustrating that this doesn’t work in Scrivener.

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Perhaps I don’t understand the problem, but I use the middle mouse button to scroll in Scrivener all the time. No clicking the middle button, just scrolling the wheel up and down.

What do you have for your Windows mouse settings (Settings / Devices / Mouse)?

There is a difference between merely scrolling with the scroll wheel on a mouse, and clicking the scroll wheel to activate click scrolling. The latter enables a type of scrolling that can be slow or fast with a simple movement of the mouse rather than scrolling via the wheel.

This feature works in many programs, not the least of which is Word. It doesn’t work in Scrivener, forcing me to either use the scroll bar on the side or manually turn the scroll wheel – either of which is awkward and slow. In very long documents, such as the novel I’m writing, it’s impeding my writing.

Is there any chance this could be fixed?

Don’t write long documents.

Chop it up in scenes and subscenes. It’s called “Compiling” for a reason…

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With all due respect, @AntoniDol, I do use scenes and subscenes. But sometimes, particularly in revision, I also want to read long sections and even the entire manuscript as one document.

Some writers simply want to use the click-scroll function available for most Windows programs, including Word. But Scrivener doesn’t allow this, for reasons that escape me. I am merely trying to suggest that this be added as a feature in a future revision.

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I’ll have to agree and somewhat disagree at the same time.

Agree: yes, this is quite a standard feature. Useful and expected.

Disagree: it is not that bad. You could easily just left-click-hold the scrollbar slider.
Perhaps even use clicklock :

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Yes, absolutely.

But in my case, it’s much easier and faster to just click the center wheel once and then just slide the mouse up or down. I can come up with several other methods to navigate (and use all of them), but why not have the one that works fastest for me?

I do appreciate the suggestions, though.

It is probably some type of interface limitation thing… (I am no programmer).
When using scrivener on my Windows tablet, I can’t scroll using two fingers (or one, or three). It just doesn’t work. Likely related.

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