Migrated Styles?

Hello. I’ve recently purchased the upgrade to 2.0, but have delayed migrating from 1.54 on my personal Mac until I can try out 2.0 on my work Mac (where I have a second license for Scrivener). I copied over two projects – a novella and a short story – then opened and converted them to 2.0 format (I don’t normally keep my fiction on my work Mac so this is a temporary thing). The plan has been to sort out any migration problems on the work Mac before possibly upsetting my work flow on the personal Mac, causing myself unplanned work converting bits and pieces, etc.

So far so good. I like what I see with the new version; very nice job, Keith. One thing I did notice, however, is that my old 1.54 styles did not migrate to presets in 2.0. What I think happened is this: Since I created the 1.54 styles on my personal Mac, and not the work one, the styles did not migrate. I do have the formatting changes as expected when using the old styles in the two migrated projects, but I suspect this was not sufficient to cause migration of the styles to presets on 2.0.

Does this sound plausible, and would I find my styles migrated to presets on my personal Mac when I upgrade to 2.0 there, too (where the 1.54 styles were created)?



Addendum: At second glance, my post may not be completely clear. Here’s what the 2.0 manual says should happen to 1.5x styles:

14.4.3 Formatting Presets (Styles)
Previously known as “Styles”, the new system changes the name to avoid confusion with
word processor styles, which keep assigned ranges of text up to date with stylesheets. The
new system improves upon the management of presets, and increases the reliability of
custom keyboard shortcuts when applied to them, by placing the styles into the Scrivener
menu itself, rather than in solely in toolbars.

The first time you run Scrivener, you old Apple Styles should be converted to Presets
automatically, and can be found either in the Format Bar, under the Presets… drop-down
menu, or in the Format > Formatting > Apply Preset > sub-menu.

So I think that my “Apple Styles” saved on the personal Mac did not migrate on the work Mac since my styles saved by Scrivener 1.54 never existed there – they were left behind on the personal Mac. My reasoning is that my styles on the personal Mac will be recognized when I upgrade to 2.0. Does this sound right?

As a side note, is there an easy way to migrate those old styles from the personal Mac to the work Mac? Not that I really need that now, but someone might need to do a migration to a new Mac and bring over the old “Apple Styles,” too. (Btw, I’d noticed my Scrivener styles showing up in WriteRoom on the personal Mac, so I guess the “Apple Styles” bit explains that mystery.)

Apple “styles” is a system-wide setting, so you’ll find them in Yojimbo and any other app built on the Apple text-engine. How you migrate them from one computer to another, I don’t know. I tend to avoid them or just use one or two very basic ones that are easy to recreate.

Ioa or someone will speak authoritatively no doubt, but I imagine the “Presets” will migrate, as I assume they are part of the project, not the computer system itself.


Actually that’s was a mistake in an earlier version of the documentation. If you’ve upgraded to 2.0.1, the revised version of this section has omitted that paragraph. Apple Styles and Presets are not compatible. I’ve put it in my notes to add a set of steps for manually converting them over, as this will be of general interest to more than just recent upgrades.

And yes, the old Apple Styles system is a universal thing. All tools using the standard OS X text engine and Ruler would have them available. We decided to build replacements for both of these systems because they are quite limited in what they can do, and have a lot of bugs and other usability issues. Now that these systems are replaced, Scrivener can be more flexible about increasing their usefulness in the future—and indeed I think Presets are already way more useful than the old system.

They are not project based though; just installation based. Project based would swap one useful thing for another. It would make them more easily portable between computers, but at the same time it would make it more annoying as you’d have to be constantly moving presets between projects on the same computer. Since most people just own one computer, the available-to-all-projects method is preferable.

To transfer your Apple Styles over, just fire up TextEdit or whatever you prefer, and make a simple RTF document with one style per paragraph. Then import this into Scrivener and use the Preset tools to add them or replace the defaults. This is also what you’ll do if you have more than one computer.

Point taken; very valid.

Thanks very much, Ioa.