mind mapping software compatible with Scrivener

Hi all,
I’m a new Mac user and I’m looking for a good mind mapping software compatible with Scrivener.

I’m also looking for a timeline software. I don’t have complex timeline to do, but it has to be visually really clear.

Thanks for all advices,

Scrivener supports OPML, which is kind of like the RTF of structured outlining. It’s quite popular on the Mac, so you should find most mindmapping programs support it for both import and export, meaning quick and easy integration with Scrivener. I’m not too into strict mindmapping myself, so I cannot make a good recommendation, I can just list a few off of the top of my head. I know of Freemind (which is cross-platform), NovaMind (kind of expensive), and MindNode is a very basic one.

If you’re looking for something a bit more freeform, you might try our very own Scapple, which is currently in beta and available on the forums here. That’s not a mindmapper, but it is a visual environment where you can write here and there on a canvas and maybe link things up together, or maybe not. I’m liking the definition, “freeform text editor”. Because it just lets you type, it feels quite a bit different than programs using a strict hierarchical philosophy. Naturally it works well with Scrivener. :slight_smile:

On the more complex end there is Tinderbox, which is more within the realm of what is referred to as a “concept map”, but it’s not strictly that either. It’s another freeform mapping program, but it is also programmable and one of the programs that, like Photoshop, really has no “bottom” to it. Tinderbox can open Scrivener projects directly, so it makes an ideal companion if you have the wallet, and the time it takes to learn it.

Thanks Amber, that is a really complete answer :=)
I think I will try Scapple, it looks interesting and the freeform aspect interest me.

One MM that doesn’t get mentioned much - a European company - is SimpleMind.


I use it on my MacBook and on my Nexus and they sync flawlessy via a nicely integrated DropBox system. It’s good to doodle with the touch-screen on the sofa or on the train and then have it on the Mac when I next get to the office.

OPML export to Scrivener (Curio, Omniwotsits etc) …



Zack, you ask about timeline software. A very good application that many Scrivener users use is Aeon Timeline, whose website is here: http://aeontimeline.wordpress.com. It is designed for writers. It also has a temporary home at the top of this sub-forum: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27

Another vote for Aeon.


Just so you’re aware, Aeon Timeline now has its own website and forum. Head over to scribblecode.com/ to check it out.

Thanks all,
Great ! I have a lot of stuff to try now !