Mini calculator


When I write notes, I often need to calculate things (for examples one ship has x rowers of type a and y rowers of type b, + z marines, and I want to calculate how many I would get for 336 ships. Ok, this is a simple example, but you get the point).

So far, I launch a calculator for that, but as I tend it to close it regularly, I need to search for it and reopen it regularly, which drives me nuts :slight_smile:

So, if it could be possible, within Scrivener, to do simple maths, I would be very, very happy.

For example, you could write directly in the note, something like: (4*5)+3 and by hitting a magic sequence of keys, you would get the result somewhere (for example, in the status bar at the bottom of the scrivener window).

Please note that I can live without this, but I do think this would be a nice addition.


You can use spotlight for this…

Highlight the sum in Scrivener
Cmd-c to copy it
Ctl-space for spotlight (that’s my shortcut, yours might be different)
Cmd-v to put the sum into the Spotlight search box
Second line down will say Calculator plus the answer…

Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 22.27.05.png

Not quite one-key but not too complicated



You know if you “search” in Spotlight for an equation, the first result in the list will be the result? Oops, David beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Otherwise if you use Launchbar or Quicksilver you’ve got good options there as well. In Launchbar for example if you start typing in a number it will switch to calculator mode automatically. Cmd-= will get you there as well. Return to eval, and Cmd-C to copy.

Install QuickSilver and launch
Type Ctrl-Space-ca
Up comes Calculator, Return to launch.
You may also yellow-button it to the Dock and use whenever needed.

I think Quicksilver has a calculator built in to it as well, too, right—where you can just type in the equation using ASCII math and send the result to the clipboard? It might need to be installed as a plug-in though. It’s been a few years since I’ve used it, but I think I remember something handy like that.

Ah, I never thought of that.
A bit more complicated that having this feature in the app, but quite manageable.
Thank you very much for the suggestion.

This is the sort of thing that scripting will be used for once that is implemented. It’s not core to the goal of the program to solve equations in the text. Display of, or allowing for the typesetting of nicely formatted equations, on the other hand would be something more aligned with the software (and indeed features for this already exist for both platforms).