minimum window height

New Scrivener user and I like it so far, but I have an issue. I’m running it on a netbook w/ max resolution of 1024x600.

With the inspector open it seems to limit to minimum window height to be larger than my screen (i.e. top and/or bottom goes off screen). If I close the inspector I can resize it to fit just fine but there seems to be a limit with inspector open.

I am primarily running on linux, but tested on windows with the same result.


I have the same issue on Windows. Screen res 1280X768. I can resize the width but not the height, and the bottom bar is hidden. When maximized, it fits like it’s supposed to.

I have exactly this problem also running a netbook with screen resolution 1024 by 600.

same issue still. Love the program but since I use it in windowed-mode, I can’t use the Inspector or else it goes off the bottom of the screen - with no way to resize it. Full screen fits fine.

Windows 7 64-bit
Screen res: 1366 x 768
Scriv windows beta 0.2.0

This is a known bug, and not yet fixed. The most recent word on it can be found here: