[minor bug] Starting Scrivener after auto-closed projects only opens one project

If you have multiple projects open, when auto-close runs (I’m guessing) it sequentially closes each project. The next time you launch Scrivener, it only opens the absolutely last open project. This is merely annoying because if you used Exit (vs alt-f4, which acts like the autoclose) and closed all of your open projects at once, all of your projects reopen the next time you launch.

Please don’t “fix” Exit to make this consistent. :slight_smile:

wondering what you mean by auto-close?

Maybe you mean the window closing that happens when you use Shut Down on a PC?

In that case, I’d guess Win1N is just going around closing windows on its open list, which probably has the ordering to close the latest Scrivener window last.

Which if you didn’t have close-to-open-dialog set, would result in that project being the one opened next time…

Too much leftover logic for a Friday, but there you are :slight_smile:


Closing options:

  1. In Scrivener, set the default timeout for scrivener to autoshutdown if there is no activity. This is managed in the settings menu, and is the topic of this minor minor bug. When Scrivener is closed by being idle and the autoshutdown is invoked, only the last project Scrivener closed is opened on the next launch
  2. Using keyboard controls, ALT-F4 will only close the currently active project. Repeated keystrokes will eventually close all open projects. On next launch, Scrivener only opens the last closed project.
  3. Using the menu options, File > Exit, although it says is equivalent to ALT-F4, in actuallity closes all open projects equally. On next launch, Scrivener reopens all projects that were open at exit.

It would be nice if there was some more consistency is all :slight_smile: (or at the very least if the autoclose functioned the same as the Exit). None of the scenarios involve shutting down the OS.

Thanks for the report. In my case for some reason none of the projects reopened, but either way that’s not expected behaviour.

The shortcut overlap is odd, but it might be unavoidable behaviour that is hard-wired into the toolkit (there are a few like that, I think Paste is another that will always be Ctrl+V as well as whatever you change it to). You should be able to get around it by changing the shortcuts for closing projects vs exit to something else. I use Ctrl+W and Ctrl+Q, respectively, as it seems most things these days use those and they feel more ergonomic to me than Ctrl/Alt F4.

Figured it was probably somewhere in the toolkit, but figured I should pass on :slight_smile:

I think the ctl-w/q options are mac only though…? (Or I’ve somehow messed up my local keybindings in windows)

I think the ctl-w/q options are mac only though…? (Or I’ve somehow messed up my local keybindings in windows)

Well I was suggesting changing the bindings (in File ▸ Options... under Keyboard) so that you have an “Exit” shortcut that works properly, and if so, Ctrl+Q would be a natural, but anything you want should work. I don’t think they are very “Mac only” as keys these days, as I see them in numerous Windows/Linux programs (granted I use a lot of cross-platform stuff). Besides on the Mac it would be ⌘Q not Ctrl+Q.

WIll try that, thanks :slight_smile:

Started happening recently, believe after new update installed. Do have projects set to close if idle after 300 minutes and do not know if that is the issue.