Minor Dropbox sync issue: Project Statistics and Writing History not working correctly after sync!

I’ve finally developed a workflow that works for me: I manage my fiction project on Scrivener for Windows at my desk PC (folder structure, research, statistics monitoring), but the actual writing time I spend on my comfy kick-out couch with my iPad in my lap, typing away. It’s heaven.

The Dropbox syncing works perfectly for this, except for two things that are only tangentially related to each other:

  1. When I’m done with my writing session, I sync off my iPad, go to my Windows PC, sync there, and then I can easily check my Project Statistics to enter my total wordcount into a custom spreadsheet, which then tells me what my wordcount for the session was and other juicy metrics that I use to keep myself motivated. Problem is, after every single sync swap from iPad to Windows like this, my Project Statistic options/settings have been reset, specifically the Only count documents set to be included in compile setting, requiring me to set it back again every time so I can have accurate statistics for my writing session. Why does it do this, and can I do something to persist that setting so I don’t have to keep switching it on after every sync? It’s only a couple of clicks, I know, but it’s gotten old real quick after two weeks of solid writing, with maybe multiple sessions per day.

  2. Somewhat related, I LOVE the Writing History functionality of Scrivener, but I notice that no words I type on the iOS app get included in the Writing History statistics, even after syncing the project back into the Windows app. Why is this? Certainly when Scrivener for Windows syncs on, say, 3 July 2021 and suddenly ends up with 5000 more words than it had yesterday, it can post those 5000 words into the Writing Stats page under that date, no? Is there a setting I’m missing that will allow these stats to take into account words coming in through Dropbox sync rather than ONLY words that are typed directly into the Windows app? Bug, or feature request?

Thanks for any feedback and assistance!


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